The kbbreview Unlockdown Diaries: The marketeer

As retail officially reopened on June 15, kbbreview asked key industry figures to keep a diary of the week as a snapshot of the post-lockdown market. Next up is Jemma Coles, marketing communications manager at VADO





Monday June 15, 2020

My mums birthday today, I remember talking to her what seems like years ago at the start of lockdown how the 15th of June could be the time when things begin to re-open and here we are, wow how things have changed in that time!

Today is also the day we welcome a member of my team back from furlough. A normally vibrant marketing team of seven (pre-covid) have been operating as an exhausted two, so it is a very welcome day to be seeing one of our valued team members return.

Tuesday June 16, 2020

Pre lockdown I was all about emails and none of this ‘Teams’ stuff. I used to complain about how there were too many ways for people to request things from me and my team: phone, WhatsApp, social media pages, email and then Teams which at that point was just far too many.

Fast forward a couple of months I LOVE Microsoft Teams and complain now if anyone in my team sends me an email as it’s too much clutter in my inbox not to mention not having the quick thumbs up feature to let them know I’m in agreement with a suggestion! Teams has been a brilliant way for me and my colleagues to keep in touch, discuss new ideas and to ask questions and get near instant reply’s – not to mention to be able to see at a glance if a colleague is in a call. What a game changer, now my inbox is full of things I need to see or the spam I need to delete rather than becoming a ‘task’ #notanad

So today was spent in countless virtual meetings and in particular a call to launch to our sales colleagues our exciting support programme to help our valued independent retailers re-open their businesses.

Then we had an afterwork family bike ride to the levels (so lucky to live where we do!)

Wednesday, June 17. 2020

A little bit of background on me mid-week, I’m a full-time working mum of two (or mum of four if you include the other half and the dog!) I’ve been working from home since lockdown so trying to maintain the focus my job requires and then learn to support my children’s education has been a tough juggling act. Fortunately there are many others in the same boat so it’s not like I’m the only one trying to look like a graceful swan above water but the feet are frantically paddling to stay afloat! Today was a classic example of keeping the plates spinning whilst on an important video call, my beloved dog Frank could be heard mid-way through the call regurgitating his water whilst I try to keep my attention on what I was trying to say, luckily people have a sense of humour so they understood!

Here I am overseeing a PE lesson whilst social media scheduling…


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Not going to lie I thought having an extra member of the team back would make things easier, I’m having to re-learn how to juggle my own tasks whilst signing off the teams tasks to keep them on top of their workload, not to mention picking up other tasks that other furloughed colleagues would do. So today has been a frantic day of phones calls, trying to get some artwork sent to the printer on time, social media scheduling amongst who knows what else! Lost track of time today, feeling ready to get some fresh air and think about how tomorrow is going to be more organised!

Friday, June 19, 2020

Honestly, I don’t know how it is Friday already? It feels more like Tuesday!

Today has been all about fine-tuning the promotion that is being sent out to our customer base next week, liaising with the printers, packaging company, our warehouse about booking in the deliveries, organising the mail-out, (I now remember why mailing houses are in business – won’t be offering my services again in a hurry!)

Coupled with writing up both mine and the mini-marketing teams to-do list for next week, we will be back and we will be ready for what the week has planned.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

A much needed day off with my family, cycle ride, dog walk, BBQ and maybe some cheeky glasses of wine! Frank the dog is loving lockdown life and has been walked off of his feet throughout!



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