Caesarstone unveils new dark finishes

Caesarstone has launched a new collection of four dark shades to meet the demand for darker interiors.

The dark and black trend has grown in popularity for both kitchens and bathrooms and Caesarstone said it wants to give designers and customers a durable and stylish product to include in their designs.

The four new colourways are based on natural materials like dark slate, stone, oxidised metal and wood. Caesarstone’s global head of design, Mor Krisher, said that the team has taken inspiration from natural materials and landscapes. The design team looked at different textures and patterns to create “unique tones” for the new surfaces.

The four new colours – Black Tempal, Piatto Black, Oxidian and Empira Black – have been designed and developed over several years and the team has travelled around the globe to experience with how different stones hold colour and look under different lights.

Caesarstone’s global head of design, Mor Krisher, said: “We look for inspiration everywhere and in order to design a series of products that truly captured the trend for dark interiors and kitchens, we turned our attention to the outside world, to the desert landscapes where natural stones are scorched by day and frozen by night, weathered by this endless cycle to produce the most wonderful patinas and textures.

“We studied a huge variety of black and dark stones and they all had their own characters, some very simple and minimalist and some that were full of detail and vibrancy. They all evoked different feelings within the design team; some stones felt naturally warm and comforting, while others had patterns and texture that felt epic in scale, reminiscent of the vast and rugged landscape from which they came.

“We knew that it was essential to define these details in the new collection, to understand the different characters so that we could bring these elemental aspects of nature into people’s homes. There is an organic quality to Caesarstone products, and this is just as important with dark colours as it is with our marble and granite-styled surfaces. This is what we want in our homes – a visual and tactile connection to the outside world.”

Black Tempal and Oxidian are joining the Metropolitan Collection. Empira Black has been added to the Supernatural Collection.

Caesarstone UK managing director Amir Reske added: “The Caesarstone portfolio continues to go from strength to strength and having first previewed the new designs to key trade partners earlier this year, we are delighted to officially bring them to market this month.

“From the classic luxury of Empira Black to the matt infinity of Piatto Black, via the evocative patinas of rusted Oxidian and weathered Black Tempal, the ‘dark theme’ is the finest example of Caesarstone’s design credentials since the launch of our ground-breaking Metropolitan Collection back in 2018. It is a testament to our unique design process and our incredible R&D team that we have managed to achieve this stunning collection, and superbly demonstrates how we, as a brand, continuously monitor the latest design trends to shape and inform our newest ranges.”

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