Silestone’s new sustainable surfaces confirm its commitment to the environment

Sustainability is at the centre of Silestone’s new Loft collection as it includes the new eco-friendly HybriQ technology.

Every Silestone by Cosentino launch, after and including Loft, will use this new technology to further its continued commitment to sustainability.

The collection has taken three years of research and development. Loft takes inspiration from urban areas around the globe: Camden in London, Poblenou in Barcelona, Corktown in Detroit and Seaport and Nolita both in New York.

The HybriQ technology has a variety of sustainable and environmental features. It contains a maximum of 50% silica, it is entirely produced with 98% reused water and renewable energy, it has a circular economy manufacturing process and composed with a hybrid formulation of materials. HybriQ+ has the same properties, but also contains a minimum of 20% recycled materials.

Pablo San Roman, brand manager at Cosentino, said: “From now onwards, every Silestone that we will launch into the market will be constructed with the HybriQ or HybriQ+ technology. Cosentino is a company that takes the environment very seriously, and we have made a commitment to society to be the most sustainable company within our industry.

“We are the leaders in the industry, and we feel that we have a responsibility, so for Dekton, we already have the carbon-zero footprint, and now it is the turn for Silestone. For Silestone, we started this HibriQ technology project three years ago. There have been many hours and lots of money put into this research. It is not a cost-effective initiative, not at all actually. It is way more expensive for us, but it is the right thing to do. We have to do it because we are committed to doing things right.”

There are five concrete-inspired colourways in the new collection. Camden is a concrete grey with dark spots, Poblenou is a grey with white details, Corktown is a black with a dark brown tone and a faded glint, Seaport is a speckled grey, and finally, Nolita is a light shade with white veining.

Santiago Alfonso, voce-president of marketing and communications for Cosentino, at the start of the virtual press conference said: “We are proud to unveil the new series of Silestone the Loft collection. We believe that with this Silestone takes a step forward to be the most innovative brand in the surface industry. In some ways, it is almost a new product, but always and forever is Silestone.

“Loft has an architectural concept that was born in the middle of the 20th century when some areas and neighbourhoods in New York that used to be full of small factories, which were converted into apartments. At that time, the concrete and iron beam was the perfect aesthetic, and has become relevant as a new trend.”

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