Up your kitchen design game with these top tips

From wall and floor tiles through to handy storage solutions, we have created a special design guide packed full of top tips for kitchen design from interior design experts.

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Super-sized tiles measuring up to a whopping 1.6 x 2.8 metres are the way forward to make a bold statement, particularly in large kitchens and commercial settings. Using large floor tiles can create a feeling of space, particularly those with natural effects to add a touch of minimalism. Porcelain tiles beautifully recreate natural materials such as cement, marble and stone which are used across various surfaces including walls, floors and countertops.

As an alternative to patterned wallpaper to create a feature wall, many large format tiles can also be found in striking botanical, abstract and floral patterns and paired with a simple white or neutral painted wall to maintain balance.

In contrast to big and bold, Zellige tiles that replicate traditional Moroccan tiles are on trend for 2020. They are usually hand-finished, have an irregular finish and are available in a variety of colours giving a unique style to any kitchen. Whilst Zellige tiles look great, they are not easy to keep clean and therefore the client’s lifestyle and preferences should be considered.

Don’t forget to discuss tile finishes with your client and explore what flooring options will work best using CAD software.


Whether it be blue, green, black, or yellow, introducing colour into a kitchen is a great way to make a bold statement. Super matte paint finishes are highly scratch resistant, easy to keep clean and don’t show up marks and fingerprints, making it a practical and low maintenance solution for family kitchens.

Pantone has named Classic Blue the 2020 Colour of the Year and other popular shades include Terracotta, aubergine, wine and plum. Green has been another on-trend colour, from deep olive to the lightest mint, it symbolises growth and renewal and is a popular choice in kitchen design. Interestingly, ‘yellow kitchen’ was noticed as a trending search term on online interior design platform Houzz. Considering the amount of natural light, room size and ensuring colours are well-balanced is important to ensure that tones aren’t too overpowering.


Wall and open shelving offers an effective way to break up a larger kitchen, whilst retaining natural light and offering a great opportunity for introducing an accent colour in the form of accessories. Wall shelves in the place of kitchen cabinetry can help to open up a space and using open shelving is a great alternative to solid walls, helping to divide open plan rooms whilst still retaining light.

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Open plan kitchens are popular in 2020 as the modern kitchen has to work for everyone and serves a number of different functions – a place for cooking, studying, entertaining and hanging out.


There are some great storage solutions for hiding kitchen items away – Blum’s Space Tower larder unit, for example, is highly practical, having several pull-outs which can each bear up to 70kgs of weight.

Another storage solution is the hidden breakfast kitchen – this might consist of a unit with open shelves at the top, a small work top and a cupboard below for storage. This enables the unit to be concealed by a door and gives the illusion of a kitchen wall.

A kitchen island is an additional storage solution in the kitchen. For wine lovers you might consider building in space for bottles, or for cooking enthusiasts you could have a hidden section for cook books, cookware and stoneware.


From sinks and taps through to appliances and lighting, combining metal finishes within the kitchen can elevate a design to add interest and texture. Metals such as chrome and stainless steel can add a cool, ultra-sleek and modern look whilst introducing brushed nickel or pewter with aged brass can add a more homely, warm and antique feel. Copper and gold accents meanwhile, work really well when combined with matte black cabinetry.

A top tip is to choose one metal as the dominant finish. The rule of three applies here like it does with mixing worktop finishes or paint colours – more than three could look messy. Don’t be afraid to mix warm and cool finishes, but make sure your metals work with the rest of the colours in the room.

Visualising the Design

Bringing your kitchen ideas to life using CAD software enables customers to switch finishes, designs, colours and styles to see what works and help them to visualise how your kitchen design will look in their space.

Using a high quality CAD software enables you to show customers a variety of products and styles, allowing you to create stunning photo-realistic designs in minutes, helping customers to step inside their dream kitchen.

For more of the latest trends in kitchen design, view the guide in full below.

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