Winner Flex: The revolutionary next generation of kitchen design is coming

Compusoft is proud to announce the upcoming release of its latest product, Winner Flex. This new platform is to be released in early 2021 and will connect Winner Design to the cloud, making it possible to design, grow and manage showrooms from anywhere.

Winner Flex will make it possible for kitchen retailers to design from anywhere and see sales and performance information in one place.

In the future, the platform will evolve to allow greater collaboration with fitters and some new integrations with other Compusoft products, as well as third party software.

Winner Flex’s key benefits in focus:

Work Remotely – Work on the same designs in the office and at home with access to all projects and catalogues, with settings updated to the cloud and accessible everywhere.

Access Projects Anywhere – Online projects hold all of the information needed, from customer details through to renders and plans, so everything can be accessed quickly and easily from any device.

Onsite Surveys – Users can easily add pictures, measurements, and customer details to a project while visiting a customer’s home. This information can be accessed immediately anywhere.

Manage Sales Performance – One configurable dashboard gives a single view of how the showroom is performing. Detailed reports can include showroom and sales performance verses the previous period.

Serverless Access – No need to invest in costly IT infrastructure, as all data is directly saved and accessed in the cloud platform – saving the cost and the hassle of setting up a server while ensuring data safety.

Centralised User Management – Easily manage users by adding or removing them directly on the platform in a few clicks.

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