TrayMate launches built-in anti-slip shower trays

Purfleet-based shower tray manufacturer TrayMate UK has unveiled its new range of 25mm high-end anti-slip shower trays at a launch day at Rockingham Speedway in Corby.

As part of the event, the company hosted a track day at the ‘fastest race track in Europe’ with ex-pro racing driver and TMUK chairman Steven Rance driving a Porsche 997 complete with the company branding.

The company said the new range of shower trays will “revolutionise the commercial, domestic and less-able markets”.

The new range has been developed over the past two years using the company’s ‘patent-pending’ technology.

TM25 Dome
TM25 Dome

TM’s anti-slip surface is designed into the mould and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

Rance said the company’s aim with these trays is to “push the boundaries on the height”. He said: “The range is pretty unique to the market. What we wanted to do is offer a surface that would be effective over a long period of time, that would offer high grip and would give access to people who are less able as well as the normal demographic – the young, medium and old. We passionately believe that just because you’re in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a nice bathroom. People who are less able are treated somehow like second-class citizens.”

Instead of painting the surface with an anti-slip coating, which can wear off over time, TM developed a new surface process, which is built into the mould of the tray.

TM25 Symmetry
TM25 Symmetry

Rance said: “The market is governed by a UK anti-slip test – the pass rate is around a 38. Around 40 is regarded as a strong pass. These trays are in the high 60s, low 70s. They are so far in front in terms of anti-slip. It has not been designed to pass a British standard, it has been designed to be effective.”

The three trays in the range were developed with the “good, better, best” philosophy and include the TM25 Dome (Good), TM25 Symmetry (Better) and TM25 Linear (Best) models. 

The Dome tray will be rebranded later this year to Elementary. “The reason we’re going to rebrand it is we’re going to introduce adjustable leg stands for that tray,” said sales director Clive Bonefaas. “We’re going to separate [the Dome] from the other two designs because that will go on legs. The other two designs we want to really market as low level access.”

TM25 Linear
TM25 Linear

Rance also believes this product is long overdue in the market: “We feel this tray is going to be well received in the market because the market needs something like this.

“We’re being asked all of the time for these sorts of trays. I think hotels will expect them, I think what will happen is it will be knocked down into the merchants and then from the merchant I think it will blow over into retail. Normally it goes the other way. Normally the merchant gets driven by retail, but I think it’s going to go backwards this time. I think this tray is probably overdue. The market should have seen something like this a while ago.”

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