The multigenerational kitchen: in discussion with Johnny Grey on Hettich Xperiencedays

Leading designer Johnny Grey is to present his take on the multigenerational kitchen in a keynote address to the dynamic hybrid event Hettich Xperiencedays on May 11th.

Trained as an architect, Johnny Grey has designed and written about kitchens for more than 40 years, to international acclaim, always focusing on the balance between practical demands and aesthetic choices. In his presentation, Everything All The Time: Multigenerational Kitchen Living, Grey discusses the kitchen’s journey from 19th century drudgery to a future where multigenerational kitchen spaces work sociably for everyone, of any ability or age.

He will talk about the research undertaken by the National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) and what people want from a multigenerational kitchen. He will also consider time spent in the kitchen, happiness levels, and the role of wellbeing and biophilic design – in other words the connection between the designed and the natural environment. Grey will present practical ideas based on ergonomics, soft geometry, behavioural prompts, plus a debate on peninsulas versus islands, the development of smart technology and post-covid kitchen consumer behaviour.

“We are delighted to have such a respected and admired designer as Johnny Grey join us on Hettich Xperiencedays, where interpretation of the world’s megatrends has been fascinating audiences since March this year,” said Hettich UK marketing manager Colin Patterson. ”Johnny will make a great contribution to what has already been a fascinating journey, adding his take on accessibility and inclusivity to the story so far.”

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