ArtiCAD adds virtual meetings feature to its ArtiVR software

CAD software specialist ArtiCAD has added a new virtual meetings feature to its ArtiVR virtual reality solution.

The new feature allows KBB designers to host a virtual meeting with their client within the ArtiVR package.

Virtual Meetings will allow a designer to take their client on a virtual tour of their new room and demonstrate all the details and features of their design, in as much detail as they need to. Designers can also collaborate with their client to optimise aspects of the design in real time.

Virtual Meetings uses a device’s camera and microphone and ArtiCAD said that there is no need for any additional hardware, as all rendering and optimisation is handled in the Cloud.

ArtiVR can be used with or without a headset, depending on whether or not the client wishes to have an immersive experience.

The software, with the new Virtual Meetings feature, is available on a monthly subscription basis.

ArtiCAD said that during the lockdown, many of its retailer clients were able to send ArtiVR links to their customers and allow them to explore their new rooms in great detail from the comfort of their own homes.

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