The kbbreview Rising Stars Award

Successful businesses and industries are always looking for fresh, new, creative talent.

The development of this pool of new, young talent is so important to the future of the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom retail sector and this is why kbbreview is introducing its ‘Rising Stars’ award as part of the Save Our Skills campaign.

And, as part of our Save Our Skills intitiative, the Rising Stars Award is sponsored by Quooker.

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This month’s Rising Star:

James Barratt, principal designer, Napier Bathrooms & Interiors

“James has infectious enthusiasm and commitment to design. He has assisted us in innovating our business to be the very first in our capital City to offer the latest in 4D Theatre technology by Virtual Worlds.

“He loves the buzz from seeing our clients thrilled with what he has come up with. Unlike many designers, he never cuts and pastes instead he delivers a unique style and wellness into every client’s room. James was also pivotal in our step towards charging for designs and the service we deliver to our clientele. He gave me the confidence to introduce our now, very successful design engagement fees.

“James supported us throughout Covid shutdown with good humour and ideas abounding. He always made himself available for updates and discussions on our strategies of what would happen post Covid. James conducted the company’s first ever on-line Zoom design consultations and sales, he worked out superb ways on making this happen whilst maintaining our service experience.

“James brings a new fashion style to the business; he is keen to learn and to develop his skills and understanding of small business. He is inquisitive about most things and brimful of individual – I can see his progress every day. He receives development and training well; he is grateful for all we invest in him and falls in love with the premium products our manufacturers produce.

“James is always thinking of how we can do things better and brings laughter and smiles to most circumstances which raises all our spirits. He is a very valuable member of our team here at Napier and without any doubt an industry rising star.”

Johnny Bacigalupo, Napier Bathrooms & Interiors, Founder and Managing Director

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