Dream Doors’ franchise applications surge

Kitchen makeover retailer Dream Doors has reported a 50% increase in franchise applications this year.

The increase is compared with the same period in 2015, when Dream Doors saw an average of 72 applications each month, with an average of 30 of those progressing to a telephone interview stage.

The first six months of 2016 has seen an average of 78 applications per month, with an average of 45 progressing to telephone interviews.

Head of franchise recruitment at Dream Doors, Alex Waite said: “The initial enquiries invariably include a number of people just sounding us out, or at the very early stages of looking at franchise opportunities.

“That’s fine – franchise recruitment is a two-way process so it’s important to get to a stage where both parties are comfortable moving forwards. But the number of applications progressing to the interview stage has impressed me this year. Not only are we conducting more interviews than ever before, but the applications are coming from a more broad and diverse range of backgrounds than we have seen previously.

“We’ve had fund managers from the City, a senior manager from one of the UK’s biggest retailers and many more. There has also been a good spread across ages in our applicants. Franchising is becoming a genuine career option for people of all backgrounds.”

Waite also stated that it has been more proactive in targeting the kitchen industry and is seeing a steady increase in this sector as a result.

He added: “Dream Doors has always been a white collar franchise opportunity, with no kitchen experience required. But in 2016 we have been more proactively targeting those already working in the kitchen industry, and that is reflected in the type of applicant so far this year, with more from the kitchen industry than previously. Still not massive numbers, but definitely on the increase.”

After the telephone interview stage, potential franchisees visit Dream Doors HQ for a further interview with managing director, Troy Tappenden (pictured).

Mr Waite added: “The cost of getting franchise recruitment wrong is something that any franchisor wants to avoid as much as possible, and we feel that the changes we have made to our recruitment process over the last 12 months have really helped with that.

“Franchising is certainly having its moment in the sun and is increasingly becoming a realistic and viable option with those looking for a new career. Franchising makes a major contribution to the overall economy and is an attractive proposition for anyone considering their next career move, irrespective of what they have done previously. Of far more importance to Dream Doors is attitude and the ability to work with people, rather than prior experience, so we are relishing the upturn in candidate quality and volume.”

He concluded: “It’s great news for Dream Doors – a higher quality of applicant will mean a higher performance of franchisee once they have been trained and are set up in their showroom. Our model of replacing kitchen doors and work surfaces has really struck a chord with consumers, particular in the 50+ demographic, and I think people can see they can make a good living working with us and enjoy the benefits of being their own boss but with the support of a trusted brand within the kitchen sector.”

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