BC Designs reveals increased turnover in 2021

Despite the pandemic, bathroom manufacturer BC Designs saw its best year to date in 2021 with a 30% increase in turnover.

The Colchester-based company cites several new product launches, an enhanced customer service offering, and a new storage facility as reasons for the uplift.

The company has also experienced a 40% increase in sales of its copper boat bath collections. There was also a “notable rise in profit” which BC Designs says will be committed to reinvestment.

Darren Allison, managing director BC Designs, said: “On a business level, 2021 was a great year for BC Designs. We spent 2020 refocusing our efforts and producing a business plan that put is on the right footing to cope with what 2021 was likely to bring.

“It meant that we were able to look at cost savings to better support our retailers, while also ensuring we continued to develop our product portfolio. The result was not only an increase in turnover, but a rise in probability and a 30% increase in staff workforce.

“We have even bigger plans for 2022 as we launch our first ceramics and furniture collections, with further warehouses and workshops in planning at the moment so we can continue to increase the stock we’re able to hold to reduce lead times which remain troublesome for the industry.”

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