Franke discusses the benefits of a filtered water tap for health and the environment

As more consumers are looking at ways to help the environment and improve their health, Franke UK sales and marketing director, Jo Sargent (pictured), considers the many benefits of installing a filtered water tap and why the advanced filter technology of the Franke Vital Capsule makes an ideal choice.

With a growing number of consumers looking to improve their health and wellbeing, as well as minimising their environmental impact, products such as filtered water taps which reduce plastic consumption and produce fresher tasting drinking water, have actively risen in popularity of the past few years.

Our Vital Capsule filter tap has become our best-selling filter tap model, reflecting the benefits of its patented premium quality water filtration system. From April this year, our Vital Capsule starter kits will include two different filters, the usual High Performance filter and also a new High Flow filter, giving consumers the chance to understand their water quality, and to use the correct filter for their needs.

Filter technology

One of the biggest selling points of the Vital Capsule is its advanced filtration system. A cheap cartridge will basically strip the water of everything including the healthy minerals. The pioneering and patented technology used in the Vital filter system removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, together with rust, pesticides, hormones, chlorine and even microplastics, while retaining all beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride. This instant filtered, healthy drinking water is an essential benefit to aid concentration, digestion and flushing of toxins.

Franke Vital Capsule filter tap

With the new addition of the High Flow filter, consumers can now get the state-of-the-art in water filtration with a filter designed to work in balance with their home’s requirements. The original High Performance filter is better suited to new build homes with more modern pipework whereas the new High Flow filter is the best fit for homes with older pipework where sediment may be a problem.

Giving consumers both filter choices in the starter kit will essentially allow them to decide which is the right option for their home and then continue to purchase the correct replacement filter going forwards.

Eco-friendly kitchen

With the ever rising awareness to eliminate single-use plastic bottles, Vital certainly fits the bill as an eco-friendly addition in the home. One filter capsule in the Vital tap produces the equivalent water of 500 plastic bottles which could ultimately end up in oceans, landfill or be incinerated. This also makes it a great money saver too when you consider that a bottle of branded water can cost anything between 80p- £1.40 a go. A household of regular bottle drinkers could save hundreds of pounds every year, while also feeling far better about their considerate consumption.

Quick and simple installation

A unique feature of the Vital is that it’s the only filtration tap on the market that needs no cabinet space for installation. The tiny recyclable filter cartridge is housed in an ergonomically designed metal capsule that is above the worksurface and integral to the tap, saving valuable cupboard space. The cartridge replacement is super-easy too by simply twisting the capsule open and popping in a new one once 500 litres have been dispensed as indicated by the discreet LED light. The Vital tap is installed with the same ease as any standard tap with hot and cold mains plumbing, requiring no tools.

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