kbb Birmingham 2022: ‘Market has shown huge resilience’, says Flair Showers 

Martin Murphy, managing director, Flair Showers 

Q: Considering the challenges, how’s business been for Flair Showers over the past two years?

A: Thankfully, we have been extremely busy managing sales growth but in a very difficult environment overall. 

Greatly delayed lead times and ongoing cost inflation of raw materials have been hugely challenging to our business. We have tried our best to maintain stable customer prices while also covering increasing costs.

Q: How important are events like kbb Birmingham to the future of the
KBB industry? 

A: Social events and trade shows are an essential platform for retailers and suppliers alike. I think we’re all hoping that we’ve turned a corner and can look forward to returning to some kind of normality. 

Q: How do you rate the current health of the UK KBB market and what, if anything, do you think the industry needs to do to adapt?

A: The market has shown huge resilience through a global pandemic to remain in strong health. Continued innovation and commitment to building strong long-term relationships will ensure long-term positive improvements in our industry.

Q: How do you think the relationship between supplier and retailer is changing?

A: In our experience, retailers have relied upon trustworthy and reliable suppliers more than ever in the past two years, which has further emphasised their focus on building and consolidating trading partnerships with key suppliers.

Q: If you were starting your own retail business now, what would your approach be? 

A: I would focus on selling innovative, design-led products supplied by manufacturers who support my independent bricks-and-mortar retail business
to enhance both my margin and my customer satisfaction.

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