kbb Birmingham 2022: ‘2022 crucial for the Unified Water Label’ says UWL

Yvonne Orgill, managing director, Unified Water Label 

Q: Are consumers really interested in sustainability?

A: Consumer interest in sustainability is growing and recent research shows that they are willing to change behaviour patterns, so that they can have a positive impact on the planet. Rising fuel prices are also changing attitudes, with more people wanting to save energy in order to save money.

The Unified Water Label is an established and recognised smart tool that can provide consumers with the information they need to facilitate change, making it more important than ever to make the label visible and illustrate the benefits.

Q: Are manufacturers on board with the Water Label?

A: We have the support of manufacturers who have driven forward innovation to deliver bathroom products that use less water and energy.

We want to keep our focus on communication, encouraging those in the supply chain that sell and install, to ensure more of these products are used in the home.

Q: Does the industry need to do more?

A: 2022 will be a crucial year for the Unified Water Label as we continue our dialogue with the Government on the introduction of mandatory labelling.

We need the support of the KBB industry to promote our voluntary label, which has been tried and tested in the UK marketplace. If the Government does not accept the Unified Water Label as its solution and develops its own mandatory label, this is likely to come with restrictions. Enforced restrictions will stifle innovation and force many manufacturers to limit their product range.

I am confident that collectively we can all work together to make this happen, and we would welcome interested parties to our stand at the show to find out how they can play their part.

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