Measure up with Compusoft’s Room Survey app

Software specialist Compusoft has launched its new Room Survey app, which it says enables installers or designers on site visits to produce an accurate 3D room plan in just five minutes.

Using a tablet and a laser rangefinder, retailers measuring up a room can enter all of the required dimensions to produce a 3D room plan into the app, including windows, sills, nooks, niches and sloping ceilings, and send the information securely to its Winner Flex or Innoplus design packages.

Compusoft says that because Room Survey is simple and intuitive, it can be used by anyone, including inexperienced designers.

Hired installers or independent subcontractors can download Room Survey, create the drawing and send it direct to the retailer, or even multiple retailers. And Compusoft says there is “little room for error” as the app sends it straight to Winner Flex or Innoplus.

Room Survey allows a company currently using Winner Flex or Innoplus to share their data with their fitters through their licence package. This means anyone can use it. They just need the email address of the retailers they are working with to connect to their version of Winner Flex or Innoplus.

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