Virtual Worlds case study: Lights, camera, action!

The Cornwall Kitchen Company’s Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre.

For Ian Price, The Cornwall Kitchen Company, installing Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre was just the beginning of an ingenious idea to bring together virtual reality and retail theatre.

Having dedicated a whole room as a virtual showroom cinema, Price wanted to make the most of his available showroom space. “I installed a 100-inch projector screen, 8K projector, soft flooring, and dark velvet curtains around the perimeter of the room with low-level cinema lighting,” he says. “When a client walks through the curtains, puts the head set on, and the lights are turned low, it really pulls them into the design.”

What the user sees in the headset is also projected onto the cinema screen, so family members or friends can also be part of the experience.

The Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre itself has also been very well-received. One client was having a new kitchen as part of a larger £200,000 home renovation project.

“They had been speaking to their architects and been shown lots of CAD drawings, but still couldn’t visualise it all,” Price explains. “I put the headset on the client and they were overwhelmed by finally being able to see what their home would look like when finished. It made a massive difference for that customer.”

If the aim is to excite clients about their new kitchen, there’s no better way than fully immersive, cinematic retail theatre.

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