Modular bathroom furniture growing in popularity

Bathrooms to Love PJH Rose wall hung unit with marble basin

More people are opting for modular furniture in the bathrooms with some bathroom brands reporting it is their fastest-growing category.

PJH has seen a shift in consumer buying habits. Whereas fitted furniture once dominated, now sales of modular furniture have taken the lead. The spilt at PJH is now around 64% modular and 36% fitted.

Julie Lockwood, furniture product manager at Bathrooms to Love by PJH, said: “Modular furniture is one of the fastest growing sectors and a key component in all bathroom projects.

“For us, the modular and fitted bathroom category has been our fastest growing, with the modular range seeing a 25% year-on-year increase in sales in the past 12 months. Fitted furniture used to dominate, but modular designs have become a firm favourite, and recent figures show a 64%:36% split between modular and fitted respectively.”

In the modular furniture product feature in the July issue of kbbreview, many bathroom manufacturers saw that part of the popularity of modular furniture was because it offered designers more flexibility and creativity.

HiB’s Fabrica in Midnight Blue

Robert Pattern, product category manager at HiB, thought that modular options create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom as wall-hung options are more compact than their freestanding counterparts.

He said: “Modular furniture can offer more opportunities for design and creativity. Wall-hung options give the illusion of more space, whereas floorstanding furniture provides quick and easy installation with the ability to disguise plumbing. In addition, it gives a storage level where there would have been wasted space.”

Utopia’s head of marketing, Helen Clark, agrees that modular furniture creates more design options, especially in smaller or odd-shaped spaces. She said: “For the designer, modular furniture can be less time-consuming to plan and an easier option to provide a unique look for interestingly shaped bathrooms”.

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