HPP invests £1m in a new biomass burner

HPP invests £1m in a new biomass burner

Hill’s Panel Products (HPP) has invested £1 million in a new biomass burner to make the factory’s heating system greener and more energy efficient.

The investment includes two new, more powerful and efficient boilers and extractors, which will be fully operational by autumn. The new equipment will replace the current systems and help reduce the business’s carbon footprint overall.

HPP’s marketing and business development director, Dan Mounsey, said: “Our infrastructure was ageing, so we wanted to update it for greener, more efficient options. These new boilers will reduce our carbon footprint to the point that we don’t use any fossil fuels to heat those warehouses.

“The big difference between old and new is the new feature ceramic filters that extract exhaust gases before they leave the boiler. It means the emissions are much lower, which is better for the environment, while creating more heat output.”

The board, doors and fittings manufacturer joined the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) programme ten years ago. The scheme rewards the firm’s financial support to companies that employ renewable energy technologies.

Colin Taylor, HPP’s chief engineer, who managed the operation, said: “We’re working with the installers to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible. There’s a lot of re-wiring involved, removing old control panels, preparing for the new one and laying wiring where it needs to go to ensure that connections are available where we need them.

“We’re also having to extend the boiler building at the door production warehouse to accommodate the larger boiler. Although the new boilers are more efficient, and create fewer emissions, they are bigger with greater heat output than the old ones.”

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