Lakes creates new specification team

Pictured l-r: Christopher Bell, Alita Gregg and Mike Bone

Lakes Showering Spaces has created a new specification team to help expand its presence in the housing development market. The team will be focused on maintaining existing relationships while looking at new markets across the UK.

The team will be formed of Mick Bone, who will cover the Midlands and North of England, Alita Gregg, whose focus will be on the North East and North West of England as well as Scotland, with Christopher Bell covering the South of England.

Head of specification Bone has 40 years’ experience in the bathroom and construction industry. He said: “I’ve experienced life as both a merchant and a manufacturer, so I have a strong understanding of all parts of the specification and supply chain process.

“Working closely with the team, I will be leading our dedicated growth strategy to make Lakes Showering Spaces the number one company for enclosures and shower tray specifications.”

Specification manager Christopher Bell has 15 years’ experience and has held various roles such as business development manager and key account manager roles.

Alita Gregg has been promoted from area sales manager, which she held for four years, to business development manager. She said: “With Mick Bone joining, Lakes saw my progression to specification channel as an opportunity for me to learn new skills from him.

 “I’m looking forward to diversifying my career with guidance and support from someone so experienced in this channel.”

 Lakes managing director, Mike Gahir, said: “Our new Specification team brings together three experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who are ready to take Lakes to new heights, helping us to support projects across the UK.

“The introduction of this team is going to be a great benefit for our customers – Christopher, Alita and Mick will be able to assist throughout each stage of the specification process.”

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