Callerton improves its retailer training programme

Callerton Kitchens has updated its dealer training programme to provide its retailers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

The new programme offers 12 comprehensive training modules developed by Callerton customer experience manager Tom Wood, drawing on over four decades of industry experience.

The syllabus includes online modules on topics such as project management, installation, design specifications, surveying techniques, design-led kitchen retail operations and understanding Callerton’s product portfolio.

To support the online courses, the programme also includes exclusive sessions for retailers at Callerton’s purpose-built training suite.

The programme is intended to help participants develop their existing skills, and leave the course with the ability to deliver results, adhere to project timelines, and manage kitchen orders successfully.

Some of the in-person sessions also include an induction course at the Callerton studio, intended for design technicians and senior sales designers who may be unfamiliar with the brand. These are led by the company’s sales and technical manager Paul Doy.

To help participants retain the knowledge they acquire, Callerton has also launched a resource called the Digital Designer Guide. This interactive guide lets viewers use explanatory videos to understand how the Callerton portfolio can be implemented using the brand’s ‘Winner Flex’ CAD design software.

Retailers who stock Callerton products are also being encouraged to participate in its Winner Training programme, to keep their knowledge of the design software up-to-date. As a learning aid, retailers can also make use of Callerton’s Winner design library: a curated database of existing designs that they can use to influence their own work.

Callerton hopes that the use of both digital and off-line training methods will help ensure its retailers have the skills they need to keep up in the ever-evolving KBB industry. Wood said: “Knowledge is power. Grasping the tools and knowing how to deploy them are two sides of the same coin, and this understanding only comes to life through active and ongoing education.”

Callerton CEO Dawn Short spoke to kbbreview earlier this year about celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary, and how retailers are central to its business model. The company is also a category finalist in this year’s KBSA designer awards.

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