The kbbreview Podcast: Roger Cooper…one more thing

Welcome to the kbbreview Podcast, your host is Andy Davies and we’re back with a brand new season. 

That’s right, we’re heading into the summer with another bumper crop of episodes that we’re going to unimaginatively call Season Nine.

And what a guest to kick it all off with – we’re talking to a proper KBB legend – Roger Cooper.

As of the end of June, he’s finally retired, closing the book on a 53 year career…and this time, he says he means it. 

He retired from Ideal Standard, the company he joined in 1970, a dozen years ago but came back to join the board at Bathroom Brands just a few months later.

He is, without doubt, a hugely experienced figure in this sector and as the market enters yet another period of turmoil, the chance to pick his brains just one more time seems too good an opportunity to miss.

So where is the market now? How does it compare to other economic woes he’s been through? What needs to happen next? And what is the future for the big name bathroom sector?

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