Insinkerator in campaign to reduce single-use plastic waste

Hot water tap and food waste disposer specialist Insinkerator has launched a campaign to encourage consumers to reduce their use of single-use plastic products.

Launched as part of the global Plastic-Free July initiative, the new campaign aims to make plastic waste statistics easier to understand. The issue has been illustrated by comparing the figures with metrics such as the height or length of iconic city landmarks.

For example, data from a Zoological Society of London study revealed that 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are bought annually in the UK. Insinkerator says that this means Londoners alone use enough single-use water bottles to cover 890 times the length of the river Thames.

Insinkerator’s marketing communications and customer service manager Anne Kaarlela said: “The amount of single-use plastic water bottles still being purchased is astonishing, especially when there are so many solutions available as an alternative, including outdoor drinking water fountains and stylish reusable bottles.

“This Plastic-Free July, we’re continuing to champion the aims of the initiative and encourage everyone to reduce their single-use plastic waste wherever possible. We hope our mini campaign strikes a chord with consumers and persuades them to consider the alternatives, including asking kitchen specialists for a tap that dispenses filtered cold water in their own homes.”

As part of the initiative, Insinkerator is also recommending consumers to buy reusable water bottles, commit to recycling plastic waste, and consider not buying single-use drink bottles.

This campaign is not the first time that Insinkerator has made a public effort to tackle the issue of sustainability. The company served as a Sustainability Partner at this year’s kbbreview Retail & Design Awards. Last year, the company also supplied food waste disposers to a sustainable housing project in Sweden.

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