Ambitious new sustainability report unveiled by Duravit

Bathroom manufacturer Duravit has released its latest sustainability report detailing its sustainability strategy and long-term objectives.

In the report, which covers the years from 2020 to 2022, Duravit has revealed four key company-wide values: design, excellence, well-being, and responsibility.

Responsibility for sustainability is high on the agenda in Duravit’s report, with the company stating that it wishes to operate on a climate-neutral basis by the year 2045.

The report also details some of the ways Duravit is planning on reaching its climate-neutral milestone. For example, by the year 2030, Duravit plans on reducing global carbon emissions by 20%, increasing the proportion of recycled materials in products by 30%, and increasing the number of products made with water-saving energy by 80%.

In order to set both these long and short-term goals, Duravit’s sustainability report says it identified the following areas of action: water, climate, resources, people and governance. Duravit says that these areas of focus are based on the UN’s own Sustainable Development Goals.

In the opening statement of the report, chief executive Stephan Tahy, finance director Martin Winkle and chief technology officer Thomas Stammel, explain: “As a company with deep regional roots that has become a global player, Duravit feels a special sense of obligation to the concept of sustainability in terms of the environmental, social, and governance framework, and we take our responsibility to all stakeholders, our society, and the environment very seriously.

“When it comes to sustainability, we believe that our society as a whole shares a responsibility – and that explicitly also includes companies such as Duravit. It is important for us to embrace and a proactive culture of learning in which mistakes help us to constantly improve and ultimately achieve our goals.”

Last month, Duravit also announced its intention to open the world’s first climate-neutral ceramic production plant, in Matane, Canada. Additionally, last year saw the release of the brand’s first range of recyclable shower trays.

The full sustainability report can be downloaded here.

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