Keller Kitchens parent company awarded top sustainability rating

DKG, the parent company behind Keller Kitchens, has achieved the highest possible rating on the CO2 Performance Ladder, making it the first Dutch kitchen manufacturer to do so.

The performance ladder is a tool used by The Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO) to assess an organisation’s sustainability credentials.

Its main objective is to encourage organisations to gain insights into their CO2 emissions and continuously seek opportunities to reduce them.

DKG has been awarded a level five certification on the performance ladder, which SKAO says is the highest possible grade in the performance ladder’s metric.

The level five rating was given to DKG following its extensive work to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions. This has involved the company taking steps such as becoming a carbon-neutral manufacturer, implementing a circular kitchen model made from bio-based materials, deploying a fully electronic lease fleet, and recycling waste products.

The company’s sustainable credentials help bring DKG in line with the Dutch Government’s plans to establish a “fully-circular economy” by 2050.

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