Owners of Day True reveal ‘secret’ consultancy service


Tony and Hayley Robson, owners of kitchen and bathroom retailer Day True, have begun publicly promoting their sister business – a KBB design and consultancy service called SkyRocket.

In a post on his personal LinkedIn account, Tony said: “The secret is out: for many years, myself and Hayley, while starting and running the award-winning KBB business Day True, have also helped other business improve and showcase their products and brands by using our many years of experience in the KBB industry.”

Using creatives, product designers, architects and branding experts, SkyRocket offers consultancy and advice to businesses in the KBB sector who are looking to gain insight into their business processes, including design, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, sales, business culture and process.

According to Robson, the business has operated for more than 10 years as a side business to Day True, but they recently made the decision to promote SkyRocket in a more public way after enjoying success with previous projects.

Among SkyRocket’s list of previous clients are Hansgrohe, House of Rohl, Domus, Bathstore and CP Hart.

Speaking exclusively to kbbreview, Robson added: “We believe in ‘business by design,’ this means that not just products, but also how they’re displayed, talked about, packaged, delivered and installed, each element and client touch point should be designed through the whole process.

“Owning Day True and covering all of the KBB and interiors sectors has given us valuable insights into improvements that the industry can make, from design, learning, and business processes. We believe that with over 50 years combined experience within the industry, we are in a perfect position to share these insights.”

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