RAK Ceramics launches CookingRak

How RAK Ceramics’ new hidden induction cooking system could give you the edge in a competitive market…

If you’re looking for a new way to enhance your kitchen designs then RAK Ceramics may just have the answer. 

Launched under its CookingRAK brand, the new hidden induction hob system can be integrated into a porcelain worktop and is set to “revolutionise the kitchen”, according to the company.

Designed to create a multifunctional kitchen space ideal for daily use, the CookingRAK induction system is integrated into the countertop, allowing users to prepare, cook and dine in the same space.

CookingRAK combines the high-performance of RAK Ceramics porcelain slabs with an induction system. As induction systems use electromagnetic currents, it will only heat the cookware placed over the hob, which makes it safe to use even for kids. An efficient way of cooking, the induction plate detects a container on its surface and by means of magnetic waves agitates its particles, heating it and cooking the contents.

CookingRAK is exclusively pro­­duced with RAK Ceramics porcelain slabs in 14.5mm thickness and 135.5cm x 305cm size. The slabs are capable of withstanding high tem­­peratures and offer a scratch- and stain-resistant surface. 

To help the user locate the cooking zones on the countertop, the slabs can be customised with special markings in six modifications that will suit any kitchen style. The system is also supplied with four silicone pads, to protect the countertop during the cooking process.

Simple to use, the system can be controlled via a remote control or through a free downloadable app. 

CookingRAK can be installed indoors or outdoors and is available in a wide range of colours and effects to fit any style.

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