Why you should partner with Caesarstone

What makes Caesarstone different from other surface brands in the market and how could partnering with them help your business? Jonathan Stanley, vice-president for marketing at Caesarstone UK and EMEA, reveals all

Q: As a leading premium surface brand, Caesarstone needs no introduction. But, fill us in on what you’ve been up to behind the scenes lately…

A: Last year was incredibly busy for Caesarstone in terms of new production introductions and, to some extent, we are still riding the crest of that wave. Alongside several new quartz designs, we introduced Caesarstone Porcelain, an inaugural collection of 23 designs in what is becoming an expanding part of the surfaces market. We’re still rolling this first collection out across our studio partners, while also planning further launches for early 2024.   

We have also expanded our footprint having recently opened our Irish distribution centre, just outside Dublin. We established a solid footing in the Irish KBB market several years ago, however our new distribution centre will allow us to serve those long-standing partners even better and grow our business further.  

Q: There are a number of brands in the UK market for retailers to partner with, so what is it that makes Caesarstone so different? 

A: We want to enjoy a close working relationship with our studio partners, and the support we offer tends to be bespoke to their needs, rather than one size fits all. We offer POS that we have developed specifically for kitchen retailers in order to try and enhance their space rather than come crashing in, all brand blazing. We also offer material for displays and can offer advice and information on the most commercially relevant material. 

On top of this, as the leading premium global surfaces brand, we benefit from the fact that our well-oiled marketing machine is running at all times. Our always-on mentality allows customers to research Caesarstone, find studios that work with us and view recent projects. 

We’ve always invested heavily in long term trend research, which puts us at the front of the curve. Our in-house design team work on new products and launches years in advance, working closely with forecasting experts to ensure the surfaces we create balance cutting edge design with a timeless appeal. 

Quality and service is of paramount importance to Caesarstone. Being able to offer a transferable lifetime warranty underpins this, as does having a large UK based team, which includes sales representatives, technical specialists and customer service team members. 

We also put considerable effort into improving sustainability and the environmental impact of our products and processes. We recognise that this is not yet the sales driver in the retail market that we want it to be. However, things are changing and there is an increasing number of consumers in the market who want to buy from brands for whom this is a priority. 

Q: The market is changing rapidly. What advice would you give to retailers at the moment

A: The appeal of the kitchen retailer is simple; you are buying from an expert and getting a turnkey product. Designers need to be intimate with all of the elements that go into the space. 

For the worktop, this means researching and understanding the category. Be able to provide an informed ‘value add’ consultation on this element to your consumer or risk losing the worktop as part of the sale. It’s that simple. 

Consumers are more confident in sourcing their own products and services and if there are chinks in your sales armour when it comes to a component like the worktop, they’ll see it and can, with a few quick searches, find alternate places to buy. Being the voice of expertise is critical if you wish to prevent consumers doing their own research or shopping elsewhere. 

Q: What can retailers expect from Caesarstone in the future?

A: We want to be the premium surface brand of choice in the UK, and to achieve that with our kitchen retail partners. We’ve built a strong UK business from the ground up over the past seven years and there is no shortage of energy and ideas as to how we can continue to grow in the years to come. We’re working on new product launches for 2024, alongside further enhancements to our sales and marketing operations which should benefit the Caesarstone brand as well as the partners we serve.

For more information on how our businesses can work together, please get in touch: 

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