Kitchen renovators now looking for sustainable products, says survey

Almost all homeowners renovating their kitchens in 2023 are looking to incorporate sustainable elements in their designs.

This was a high priority for an overwhelming 94% of those polled in a survey into kitchen trends undertaken by Houzz of more than 1,000 people who are currently – or will soon – be renovating their kitchens.

Several sustainable elements were ranked among the most sought-after. More than three-quarters (76%) would like to use low-energy LED bulbs, 60% are interested in energy-saving appliances and 39% would like to have energy-efficient windows installed.

When asked about why they would be interested in these sustainable elements, 80% said they were motivated by “long-term cost-effectiveness,” with more than half (58%) saying that they wanted to “make choices that are environmentally friendly.”

In addition to a focus on sustainability, Houzz also investigated other design elements, such as visual design, intended usage, and appliance trends.

A contemporary style was found to be the most popular choice for renovations this year, with over a quarter of respondents (27%) agreeing. Closely behind, 26% are looking for modern styles, 11% want traditional, 6% said country, and 5% are looking to use a Scandinavian style.

In terms of colours, white is still the most popular colour for painting walls for 51% of respondents. Grey was the second most common wall colour at 13%. For cabinets and furniture, the on-trend natural shades of blue, green, and beige were unsurprisingly popular, with 17%, 13% and 7% of those polled supporting them, respectively.

For homeowners looking to update their appliances as part of a renovation, 18% reported wanting appliances with wi-fi connectivity, 17% would like smartphone and tablet-controlled models, and 15% are looking to use appliances with colour touch-screen displays.

Unsurprisingly, 98% of those polled said that they use the kitchen as a space for cooking, 70% for eating, 58% for baking, 52% for entertaining, and 46% for socialising. Following the rise in home working, 26% also report using their kitchen as a workspace.

More than a third (35%) of those who took part in the survey also reported feeling that their lifestyles were healthier following a renovation.

Earlier this month, Houzz conducted a similar survey into bathroom renovation trends. A key finding was that three-quarters of homeowners said that they had upgraded their showers.

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