The kbbreview Podcast: How’s Business? (Bathroom edition)

Welcome to the kbbreview podcast, your host is Andy Davies and this is episode four of season five.

So how’s business with you at the moment?

That’s a hard question to answer isn’t it? There are so many variables and uncertainties that being definitive and forecasting even a short way into the future is really, really tricky.

A couple of episodes ago, we were at the KBSA Conference asking retailers there that very question – here’s the link to that one if you haven’t heard it

Now it’s the turn of bathrooms as we also recently went to the Bathroom Manufacturers Association conference at Carden Park near Crewe.

So we asked that very simple question to some leading suppliers – how’s business?

One of the biggest indicators of the current health of the market is how robust the supply chain is – through 2020 to 2022 it was, according to a straw poll of the conference audience, everything from shambolic to terrible. There’s no question it was one of the issues that defined the covid period so we’ve also got some highlights from that, including some really insightful retailer views from Ripples managing director Paul Crow.

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