The kbbreview Podcast: Johnny Grey

Welcome to the kbbreview podcast, this is Episode Six of Season Ten and this week we’ve got a very special guest – Johnny Grey.

Johnny is, as you probably know, one of the most high profile designers in the kitchen arena and has been for decades. His boundless enthusiasm for design and the role the kitchen has in our lives, in society and in history has led him to not only continue his own eponymous practice, but also push forward formal education and debate about the subject as a whole.

Now he’s taking the concept that kickstarted his career 40 years ago and updating it for a brand new market – the Unfitted Kitchen.

For the first time he is producing a range of kitchen furniture that showrooms can display and designers can specify – and it’s all freestanding. It’s a really interesting concept so take a look at the gallery of images below of some of the items in question.

Host Andy Davies went along to his home in Hampshire to find out more and, as always with Johnny, it’s a pretty freewheeling conversation about his inspirations, his history, his design philosophies and, of course, the new Unfitted Kitchen concept.

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