Egger to combat fast-changing trends with new rolling range

Michael Egger Jr, with the promotional booklet for the new collection

Board manufacturer Egger is set to launch its new rolling collection of decors, which it plans to regularly update to keep up with the ever-changing industry trends.

Available to order from February 5, the new Egger Decorative Collection 24+ has been designed as a rolling collection that can be updated with new timely releases as and when new trends emerge in the wider market. This is Egger’s first full décor release since 2020.

According to the board manufacturer, the collection has been designed as response to the “increasingly changing design trends in the post-pandemic market”.

The new range will consist of over 300 décor and texture combinations, which will be made available across Egger’s product portfolio. Egger says that it has 239 combinations of internationally stocked laminate available, as well as 202 Eurodekor finishes.

“The past four years have been marked by uncertainty”, remarked Hubert Höglauer, head of product management at Egger. “Special market requirements, a dynamic competitive environment and fast-moving trends have pushed us to fully rethink the concept of our Decorative Collection.”

“This rolling concept allows us to react faster to new trends, influences and product innovations. Despite shorter update cycles, we guarantee that all new introductions remain in the range for at least four years. This provides planning certainty for our customers.”

For the UK market specifically, available products will include 102 new decors and six new textures. The UK products have been curated from the wider international product rage by Aimee Fletcher, Egger UK’s design and product manager.

Egger says it is taking its new Decorative Collection 24+ range on a UK-wide tour next month. Retailers and designers are being encouraged to contact their local Egger distributors to find out when the collection will be on display near them.

Last month, Egger gave a first look at the new collection during a press conference at its headquarters in Tyrol, Austria. At the event, industry bosses from Egger, Blum and Häfele identified the current divisive political climate, as well as the end of post-Covid demand as some of the industry’s biggest ongoing market challenges.

Also at the collection’s launch event, Gregor Riekena, chief executive of Häfele Group, said he believes the global kitchen market has entered a new “era of instability”, fuelled by the unique challenges of the last few years.

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