Consumers predict air fryers could spell the end of the oven

A significant number of air fryer users believe that the traditional kitchen oven could become obsolete over the next few years, according to recent data from Utilita Energy.

Utilita, a pay-as-you-go energy supplier, found that over 40% of UK air fryer users expect the countertop appliance will render ovens “obsolete” in the near future. In addition, it says that that air fryer users report cutting their oven usage by almost half (48%) since 2022.

These were the findings of its most recent air fryer report, which tracks consumer usage and trends related to the popular countertop appliances from over 2,000 air fryer owners.

According to the energy company, three-in-five UK households said that their biggest motivation to buy an air fryer was because they felt it was cheaper to run regularly than an oven. Also, almost a quarter of users said they’d noticed a significant reduction in their energy costs.

The energy supplier said its research also showed that over a quarter of consumers (27%) are using their air fryers instead of their cooker hobs.

Utilita Energy claims to be “the brand that instigated Britain’s air fryer boom in August 2022”. The company says that since launching its ‘Cost to Cook’ campaign, it believes that 35% of UK households now regularly use an air fryer.

Bill Bullen, Utilita’s founder and CEO, commented: “Who would have thought an energy supplier could instigate a consumer trend that could deem the oven – a kitchen staple since the 1930s – obsolete.

“Since 2003 our technology has been helping households to cut their energy waste by taking practical steps and tweaking behaviours. We will continue to invest in research that further promotes the use of air fryers as a faster, cheaper, and healthier cooking method.”

However, despite perceived benefits such as lower costs and faster cooking times, some experts such as Martin Lewis have pointed out that standalone air fryers may actually use more energy than traditional ovens when cooking larger, multi-dish meals.

In recent months, appliance manufacturers such as Hotpoint, SIA and Miele have released traditional oven appliances that also make use of air fryer features.

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