New appliance brand SIA makes its kbb Show debut

A new appliance brand, SIA, had its first stand at kbb Birmingham to introduce visitors to its products.

SIA is part of the Manchester-based For Everyone Group and although its kbb stand marks the first public showing of the brand, the company has been supplying appliances to the UK for over 30 years on an OEM basis to the likes of PJH, Montpellier and B&Q.

Speaking on the SIA stand, commercial director Alex Townsend (pictured) told kbbreview: “Our main purpose for being here at kbb Birmingham is to increase brand awareness. We are a very new brand here in the UK and we wanted to make a statement to show who we are, what we do, show our products and educate customers on where we sit in the market. We are an emerging brand that is disrupting the market, with a big investment in the product. And we are here to stay.”

SIA offers a broad portfolio of products with a two-year warranty, including sinks, taps, hoods, induction and gas hobs, built-in refrigeration, built-in ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and small appliances. At the show, SIA also unveiled a brand new built-in oven with air fryer.

Commercial director Townsend explained that the product is very much aimed to an affordable price point, competing against the likes of Beko in the marketplace. “We have a range of built-in products and with the cost-of-living crisis people are now looking for other options and we fit the bill with what we can offer,” she said.

SIA has a large 150,000sq ft of warehousing space across three sites in Manchester and another in Mansfield and offers retailers next-day delivery through its own distribution network and has eight reps on the road and 15 customer service staff at its Manchester HQ. It also prides itself on a failure rate of just 1%.

Although SIA as a standalone brand has been going for around 12 months and has built up a network of around 150 retailers, only around 30% of those are kitchen studios and the company is looking to grow its presence in that market. Around 15 kitchens studios signed up at the show.

Summing up what SIA has to offer, Townsend added: “We truly believe we have a reliable, good-looking product at an affordable price. We have been doing it for 30 years and we are confident that we have got the right product. We have done all the testing, we offer two-year warranties as we are confident that the product does not go wrong.”

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