ArtiCAD launches ‘Version 24’ in new software update

CAD software company, ArtiCAD, has announced the launch of Version 24 of its ArtiCAD-Pro, BathCAD, and BedCAD design and pricing software.

The latest version introduces a new rendering option, automated natural lighting and views,

advanced accessory and model import. ArtiCAD says the new updates will “introduce cutting-edge features designed to enhance user experience and elevate KBB design to the next level.”

The company is keen to highlight its UltraHD rendering feature, which “harnesses the latest technologies to ensure that ArtiCAD users can impress customers, win sales, and stay ahead of the game.”

UltraHD rendering is said to allow for more accurate reflections, refractions, and shadows, resulting in more realistic-looking images.

ArtiCAD also says the new version includes a HDRI (high dynamic range imaging) feature that “significantly enhances image quality” and offers 360° images that wrap around designs, embedding lighting information directly into the image. For designers, this is said to eliminate the effort of setting up lighting and views.

Alex Rollinger, senior marketing and operations executive at ArtiCAD said: “We’re super excited to introduce our latest features, particularly UltraHD – a testament to our ongoing dedication to harnessing the latest advancements in technology.

“With UltraHD, we’re redefining the standards of ArtiCAD rendering, delivering unparalleled clarity and realism that’s simply breathtaking. At ArtiCAD, innovation is at the core of everything we do and these new features represent a significant leap forward for our software.”

Although not yet available, back in March the company said it was experimenting with the concept of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create design software that can be controlled solely by a user’s voice.

Version 24 of ArtiCAD-Pro, BathCAD, and BedCAD is available to retailers and designers to download from their ArtiCAD Members Portal.

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