HPP ‘looks to future’ with branding refresh

Stephen Hill, co-owner, HPP

HPP, manufacturer of board, doors and components for the fitted furniture industry, revealed new branding at a launch event that also honoured long-standing employees.

The new-look branding was created by senior designer at Cornerstone Design and Marketing, Nicola Adamson, who is the daughter of HPP owner Martin Hill.

Adamson explained that the project wasn’t a total re-brand: “[HPP] were keen to keep certain elements to preserve the heritage and trust within their existing brand, which has stood the test of time,” she said. “I’ve kept the core fabric of the name and brand intact due to the significant value and loyalty within it.

“After extensive research, workshops and creative development, we have created a refreshed brand identity that has evolved their old branding yet is memorable and consistent. It is clean and premium in its approach, whilst maintaining a clear nod to the old brand in terms of the colour pallet and abstract ‘board’ shapes, which are used within both the logo itself and wider marketing materials.”

At the event the company launched a long service awards programme, which began by honouring employees with a minimum of 25 years’ service.

Dan Mounsey, HPP’s marketing and business development director explained: “It’s 33 years since HPP started and we noticed we had a significant number of people who have worked here for 20 years or more, including a dozen who have been here even longer, so we thought it was appropriate that we publicly say thank you and reward them for their loyalty.

“At the same time, we’ve been working with Cornerstone on a brand refresh and an updated marketing strategy, and as it’s all come to fruition together, it made sense to look to the future while acknowledging those whose loyalty to HPP have helped to create what we have today.”

Speaking at the launch, managing director Keith Wardrope said: “Today is a special occasion – special because we don’t often get the opportunity to publicly thank our work colleagues for the many years’ service they have devoted to HPP.

“Here alone, we have a combined total of 339 years worked by the 12 people invited today. On top of that, we have plenty of people that we hope will catch up with you one day. I believe that is a reflection on the job satisfaction and security you have felt, knowing that you are not just a number on a clock card but an important part of a family company that puts people first.”

HPP, which is based in Oldham with a trade counter in Sheffield, began operating when founder Malcolm Hill led a demerger from neighbouring George Hill Timber. He was joined by his sons Martin and Stephen, who still own the business today.

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