Brits getting steamy in the shower

British couples are doubling their fun in the bathroom with 32% saying they share a shower with their partner, new research has revealed.

A survey by Hansgrohe looked at the showering habits of people in the UK. It discovered that 38% of couples shared their shower for romantic rendezvous, while 25% of singletons showered with a partner to woo them.

Nearly half (45%) of 18 to 25-year-olds said they regularly showered with someone else, whereas only 24% of 45 to 55-year-olds did the same.

More than six in 10 Brits (64%) would like a bigger shower, but the reason they gave was for more storage space rather than sharing with company.

The survey also revealed that over a third (35%) of couples that lived together said they preferred to use the bathroom as a retreat where they could relax alone.

Women were more likely to seek solitude in the shower with 69% saying they took refuge for peace and quiet there. Women also valued privacy in the bathroom while showering more than men (47% vs. 35%).

Hansgrohe infographic

Hansgrohe infographic
Hansgrohe infographic
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