Miele makes waves with ‘revolutionary’ new cooking tech

Miele used IFA to unveil what it claimed is ‘the biggest innovation leap forward since induction cooking’.

The Dialog oven – said to be a ‘revolutionary’ new cooking appliance – is based on M Chef technology, which “uses electromagnetic waves to communicate in a smart way with the texture of food” – hence the name ‘Dialog’.

This means that the oven can, for example, cook fish embedded in the centre of a block of ice – without the ice melting.

Ingredients for an entire meal – such as a leg of lamb, green asparagus and potato wedges – can be placed on an oven tray and cooked to perfection at precisely the same time.

The electromagnetic waves cook without browning and are combined with radiant and convection heat, as in roof and floor heating or fan heat.

Miele said this means that meat is more uniformly cooked and more succulent, fish and vegetables retain their fine structure and dough rises better during baking. A smartphone app can be used to send detailed instructions to the oven.

Speaking at the Miele IFA press conference, Miele’s executive director and co-proprietor Dr Markus Miele said: “The results are simply excellent and the cooking process is up to 70% faster than using conventional technology.”

The Dialog oven will be launched in Germany and Austria in 2018 and is expected to arrive in the UK in the first quarter of 2019.

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