Install headaches: take it easy

Kitchen fitters say the biggest problems they face are fitting products to tiled surfaces (23%) and goods damaged by water damage or in transit (19%). That’s according to a recent survey by work surface manufacturer Maxtop. Matt Hicks, design expert at bathroom products manufacturer Bristan, explains how the company’s EasyFit taps can make installers’ lives easier

For installers, speed and ease of fit will always be a key priority, so it’s easy to appreciate why they can sometimes become frustrated when fitting products.

With most problems occurring when elements of the installation process work against each other, for example, fitting taps on pre-fitted work surfaces, it is clear to see that manufacturers, designers and installers must work together for the perfect solution.

If manufacturers invent products that simplify the installation process and designers work, to ensure that the chosen products fit together, then installers can carry out their job with peace of mind.

What’s more, if manufacturers provide in-depth fitting instructions and educate installers on following them, then frustrations like those mentioned in the research above can be avoided.

However, as product design trends are ever-changing, and new materials are introduced to the home, it is imperative that those who work in the industry stay abreast of developments, helping to ensure that the installation process can run as smoothly as possible.

Bristan's EasyFit tap
Bristan’s EasyFit tap

With taps usually being one of the last items installed in a new kitchen, it is essential that they are easy and simple to fit. Luckily, there are innovative solutions available to help make installation easier, without causing damage or disruption to other products, such as work surfaces.

Developed in response to more complex work surface developments, our Easyfit range of kitchen taps, for example, requires minimum effort and helps speed up the installation process. Unlike standard taps, where you need three arms for the installation, the base is secured from the top, making it much easier for installers to connect the water underneath using the flexible tails supplied.

The taps are supplied with two isolation valves, meaning installers can isolate the water supply without turning it off at the mains, so the tap mechanism can be installed prior to the main body of the tap. This is particularly advantageous where the taps are being fitted in new-build homes or for complete kitchen overhauls, as they can be installed in two parts.

The base can be fitted first, even before the new kitchen suite goes in. This means that the tiling and sealing can be completed more easily and it also prevents any accidental damage to the tap, or the work surfaces, during the finishing stages. The tap body can then be fitted in seconds at a later stage using a hex key to secure it to the base. This not only helps to speed up the installation process, but also allows for quick replacements, meaning upgrades or damaged taps can be cheaper to install.

Bristan Amaretto EasyFit tap
Bristan Amaretto EasyFit tap

For installers working in this way around a large, new-build estate, the time savings equate to days while, of course, errors are minimised. The result is major labour cost savings for the house builder.

Times are changing and, amid an increasingly style-savvy consumer profile, manufacturers, designers and installers must take the time to stay well-informed about new and emerging design trends in order to provide a holistic customer service. This style of fitting, featured in our Easyfit range, is set to be the future of installations, particularly for retrofit projects, and designers can utilise them in upcoming projects to help prevent frustrations.

In order for manufacturers, designers and installers to collaborate together better, installers must provide feedback from their experiences fitting taps, giving manufacturers the knowledge needed to improve product design further.

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