Water-saving products will boost market by £40m

Sales of water-saving bathroom products are up 25% and are set to boost the market by £40 million in the next four years, according to new research.

The report by MTW Research found that water-saving products accounted for 30% of the UK bathroom market in 2016. This was driven by house building, domestic refurbishment and manufacturers putting an emphasis on water efficiency.

Consumers are also seeking to reduce their bills as household metering is set to increase them on average by £2 across England and Wales over the next year.

In light of this, brassware and shower manufacturer Bristan says now is the time for manufacturers to step up and actively promote the importance of water savings measures.

Hayley Holland, marketing manager at Bristan, commented: “While a price increase of £2 may not sound like much in the grand scheme of wider utility bill price hikes, it all adds up – meaning now is the time to act and make changes to water use before the issue escalates further.

“The reality is that we all need to be taking active steps towards wiser water usage and reducing the amount we waste. And this is where installers play a significant part in helping to educate customers in how they can make small changes that can have – not only a big impact on their bank balance, but on the environment, too.

“From manufacturers and trade bodies through to installers, it is vital that the industry comes together to give homeowners the best possible insight into what water-saving products are out there, how much money they can save on their bills and why it is important for all of us to do what we can to conserve our already limited resources.”

One example is a shower that uses a closed loop of water with filters to reduce water usage.

MTW’s industry analyst James Taylor said: “New, innovative water recycling products that reduce water consumption without a high initial outlay will boost bathroom product sales in the longer term, enabling manufacturers to add new features to their products and enhance perceived value.”

However, MTW added that the trend for luxury in the bathroom, with large baths and shower mixers with high flow rates, presented a challenge for manufacturers to develop bathroom products that reduce water usage without compromising on a premium offering.

The report also indicated that manufacturers and independent retailers were a key channel to communicate water-saving benefits to the consumer.

Overall, it described market conditions as positive, with 74% of water-saving product manufacturers experiencing growth last year.

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