‘Businesses need to master social media’, says digital expert

Businesses can’t neglect social media, it’s a “digital version of word-of-mouth”, author and digital entrepreneur Warren Knight has said.

Speaking at the kbbreview Retail & Design Conference at kbb Birmingham, Knight stated that in order to grow a business online, companies need to master social media and engage with customers.

Knight said: “You want to build brand-loyal customers who love what it is that you do and will go and tell their friends over and over again about your business.”

Up to 60% of people now engage online through a smartphone, of these 42% search through social media when looking to buy a product. Knight believes social media is “perfect for the customer acquisition process”.

Businesses with no social media presence could be missing out, as nearly three-quarters of people expect a brand already to be using them.

“Social media is about engaging with people,” said Knight. “It’s getting them to find out more about your business, but you need to focus on your target customers.”

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can help to build brand loyal customers, argued Knight. On twitter, he recommended businesses tweet “at least five times a day”.

Knight also says businesses are losing out by not getting their customers to opt-in. He suggested offering customers something exclusive in exchange for an email address could boost engagement levels.

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