LDL reports record year and pledges to go plastic-free by 2020

LDL Components has reported a record-breaking year after investing in its production line, website, packaging materials, and new staff.

During 2018, LDL increased its staffing levels by 41% and invested more than £330,000 back into the business.

Commenting on its record-breaking year, managing director Simon Ogden said: “The huge investment in 2018 demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the very best possible service to our customers. That means improving efficiency in every area, no matter how good it is already, and investing time and money to ensure our young and enthusiastic new recruits are given the most thorough training possible. The future is bright for LDL, and we look forward to another record-breaking year.”

The company has also invested in reforming its production line and warehouse, from introducing new recyclable packaging to a new saw, assembly line, and a pair of balers.

The office suite has also been overhauled with new infrastructure and equipment, including a specialist video-editing computer for the marketing department. The company’s new dedicated design room also hosts three training sessions a week. To complete the makeover, both LDL’s office and warehouse staff have been kitted out with new uniforms to mark the company’s “transition into a new era”.

The components supplier is also in the process of improving the sustainability of its packaging, pledging to replace all plastic with recyclable cardboard by 2020.

Ogden said: “We live in an ecologically fragile world and sustainability has never been more important. With plastic accounting for up to 90% of all oceanic pollution, we couldn’t in good conscience continue to contribute to this growing problem. That’s why we pledge to remove all plastics from LDL packaging by the end of 2019.”

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