‘Perfect your showroom to increase sales,’ says expert

Interior and brand design consultant, Steve Esdaile, has explained how good showroom design and consideration of the customer journey are key to the future success of KBB retailers.

Speaking at the kbbreview Retail & Design Conference at kbb Birmingham, Esdaile (pictured) said: “Taking your showroom journey seriously is essential for increasing sales and transaction values,” he said. “The role of a designer is that of a good host and that is to anticipate the needs of a guest. Never is that more true than in a showroom environment where every potential customer who walks over your threshold is a guest in your environment.

“Retailers must anticipate the needs of their target customers and understand what it is they want.”

During his presentation he revealed the key principles of showroom design and advised retailers to consider them in the context of the design of their individual showrooms.

“A good showroom should clearly represent the retailer’s brand proposition and knit together logic and functionality with creativity in order to inspire consumers,” he said. “How much stock you have on display and how much space you give it, how aggressive you are with POS and the materials palette you use really set the tone of the layout.

“Think about taking away the clutter and creating more space as this is one of the easiest ways of increasing the perceived value of product.”

According to Esdaile, another key principle of good showroom design is to consider how long the layout will remain relevant to consumers.

“Retailers should consider how long their showroom design will last,” he said. “And should look for ways to freshen up displays as often as possible in order to keep consumers interested.”

In today’s digital world, he also pointed out the importance of having a website that mirrors the interior of the showroom.

“Your website must match the approach and interior of your store,” he said. “Every aspect of your retail brand will then link together to give you a full proposition. Build these aspects into the fabric of the store so these aspects are relatively seamless within a customer journey.”

Esdaile also urged retailers to look outside of the KBB sector to gain inspiration and know-how in showroom design.

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