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Experience isn’t everything

KBB retail consultant, Paul da Silva, looks back on his early experiences with MFI when he discovered how much easier it is to teach someone product knowledge, rather than how to sell. [25-4-2022]

Small showrooms but perfectly formed

Smaller kitchen showrooms have many advantages over their larger competitors. Small is beautiful. Here Phillip Ozorio, the founder and design director of Connaught Kitchens, in London shares his thoughts on this widely debated subject. [11-4-2022]

Elliotts to open new £5m showroom

Builders merchant Elliotts is to open a new warehouse in Lymington that will incorporate an Elliotts Living Spaces kitchen and bathroom showroom on the first floor. [23-3-2022]

Retailer profile: Obsidian Interiors

Obsidian Interiors already does kitchens and bathrooms and has moved into homewares with plans to take the whole-house concept further. Chris Frankland pays a visit  [25-1-2022]

The biggest challenges facing showrooms today

Malcolm Scott, the KBSA corporate chair, considers some of the biggest challenges facing showrooms today - from both product and skills shortages to sustainability - and what solutions might work best to deal with these issues. [6-12-2021]