Southport retailer partners with UK homeless charity

Southport-based Birkdale Kitchen Company has unveiled a partnership with local charity, Green Pastures, with the retailer donating several of its clients’ used kitchens to help the homeless.

The team at Birkdale Kitchen Company say they have already donated enough kitchens and bedrooms to re-fit several bedsit spaces owned by the charity. According to the retailer, its clients have also been pleased to see their former kitchens go on to be used for such a good cause.

Founded in 1999, Green Pastures is a non-profit organisation which provides homes and support to homeless people across the UK. The organisation estimates it has helped to house over 20,000 people since it was established, and aims to house a further 2,000 more before the end of the year.

Speaking to kbbreview, Neil Gokcen, co-owner of Birkdale Kitchen Company, explained: “Having had a brief understanding of what they were all about, we had discussions with them and quickly realised there was a quick win for our clients. It meant we could reuse the whole kitchen, but also other furniture such as bedrooms, where applicable, which can be re-housed within the Green Pastures portfolio of properties.

“With Green Pastures’ goals of re-housing homeless people, this was a natural fit as they could benefit from reusing (in most cases) decent quality furniture and enable those who are less fortunate to benefit, as well as have the kitchens avoid landfill.

“It makes us and our clients feel really humbled at times, when you consider just by giving this to Green Pastures and letting them use it for such a good cause, offers such a rewarding outcome. We’re proud to now be associated and work alongside Green Pastures and we already have a host of other kitchens lined up to be re-used too.”

Birkdale Kitchen Company was previously named as Kitchen Showroom of the Year at the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2022.

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