Franke staff volunteer to spruce up local nature reserve

Staff from kitchen products specialist Franke have joined forces with environmental charity Groundwork to carry out maintenance and improvements at a nature reserve in Manchester.

The group of seven Franke employees spent the day at the Irkside Nature Reserve in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where they were joined by other volunteers from the Groundwork charity.

While at the reserve, the Franke team helped to remove non-native balsam plants so that native wildflower species would have room to grow after being re-seeded.

They also took part in other activities, including clearing the pond margin, improving the footpath by trimming back willow trees, removing encroaching grass from the paths, filling holes, and removing trip hazards. Each of these activities helps to keep the reserve tidy and safe for the large number of visitors expected over the summer months.

Franke UK’s communications manager Jeanette Ward said: “We are thrilled to have had the chance to make a tangible difference to an important green space in our local community through our ongoing collaboration with Groundwork. It was a great opportunity for some of the team to come together outside of the office environment to learn new skills, strengthen team relations, and experience the sense of fulfillment that comes from giving back to local communities and projects.”

Earlier this year, president and CEO of Franke Home Solutions, Barbara Borra, spoke to kbbreview about the ‘duty’ it has to support its retailers and drive customers into showrooms.

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