Rearo looks south for £1m extra sales over next 12 months

Rearo, the Glasgow-based bathroom and kitchen surface manufacturer and supplier, has created a new business development team to increase annual sales by £1 million.

Robert Bennett, who has worked at Rearo in different roles for 20 years, will head the new unit and focus on winning and expanding clients south of the border. A dedicated team will continue to work with clients in Scotland.

Rearo, which sells the Bühne board internal wall lining range and Selkie waterproof wall panels, recently expanded its Glasgow headquarters and manufacturing facility, moved its north-east England showroom into larger premises and began selling Selkie online.

Bennett said: “We recently provided panelling and surface products to Edinburgh Castle, the Irish Open and Ibis hotels, and we see a huge potential for growth in this area.

“We’re aiming to increase the number of architecture, design and specification firms we work with across the UK. We have already started developing those relationships through a series of workshops and events around the country.

“Rearo comes up with design solutions for clients, whether it’s advising on fire safety specifications, or what the most hard-wearing material is or matching brand colours to the finished product.

“We work with airports and railway stations, colleges and universities, housing developers and nurseries across the UK. Our expertise can be applied to all types of building or refurbishment project.”

Rearo is a Scottish family business with a £10m turnover and around 100 employees.

It designs and manufactures worktops, wall panels and flooring for commercial use, as well as domestic bathrooms and kitchens.

The company has branches in Glasgow, Inverness, Lerwick, Northampton, Rosyth and Washington, Tyne and Wear.

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