The smart bathroom tech Brits most desire

Online bathroom retailer has polled 1,424 homeowners to discover what bathroom smart tech Brits most desire.

The Lincolnshire-based e-tailer revealed that a staggering 83% of those surveyed wanted a self-cleaning toilet, 69% dreamt of digitally controlling the temperature and spray intensity of their showers, while 66% who enjoyed a more relaxing soak hankered after mood lighting for their bathtubs.

Self-deodorising WCs were the stuff of dreams for 55% of those surveyed, while almost a third (31%) warmed to the idea of a heated seat.

Back with showers, more than half (55%) were keen on the idea of mood lighting, while just under half (48%) fancied some sort of smart sound system while they were showering.

With baths clearly all about relaxation for those surveyed, 62% nominated a built-in scented mist dispenser, while 41% liked the idea of a heated backrest.

But what general bathroom tech did those surveyed most desire? Most (62%) opted for smart temperature control, with 41% naming water-conservation technology and just over a third (34%) opting for a wall-mounted smart touch-interface panel.

Smart tech is an ever-evolving sector and new products are being launched all the time. So also asked which emerging smart technologies people would most like to try in their bathrooms, pointing the way perhaps for new products that enterprising retailers might consider stocking.

The top five on the emerging tech wish list included sanitising bathroom accessories – using UV light to disinfect damp towels – at 59%, warming drawers at 52%, with FitBit wi-fi scales weighing in at 48%. Virtual reality showers – that project soothing, scenic images of a beach or forest within the bathroom –appealed to 45% of those surveyed, while more than a quarter (28%) named cooled cabinetry – refrigerated cabinets for medicines and perhaps even drinks – as a must-have accessory.

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