The smart tech Brits will buy in next five years

Smart tech may be gaining ground with UK consumers but fewer than one-in-five are planning to buy a smart major appliance in the next five years.

These are the shock findings uncovered by property specialist in a poll by Ernst and Young of 2,500 UK households to find out which smart-home devices and appliances they are planning to buy over the next five years.

Well ahead in the popularity stakes at 41% are smart speakers such as those from Amazon and Google, but major appliances are languishing at the bottom of the list, with just 19% saying they would buy a smart washing or smart fridge, and just 17% keen on the idea of a smart oven.

This despite the undeniable growth of smart products, with 57% of Brits now owning at least one smart product, according to figures from Smart Home Week and Pricewaterhouse Coopers estimating that a staggering £10.8 billion will be spent on smart products by the end of 2019.

More than a third (36%)of those surveyed, however, did express an interest in smart lighting, with respondents saying they were interested in being able to adjust the brightness and colour of their lighting as well as scheduling it to turn on and off via an app on their phones.

Slightly more said they would buy a smart heating product, such as Nest or Hive, that would allow them control heat settings remotely.

The survey also showed that despite their considerable expertise, only 15% said they would buy such products from a specialist smart-tech provider, with more than two-thirds (37%) saying they would be more likely to purchase from their broadband provider.

Richard Smith, managing director of, said: “The evolution of smart-home technology over the past decade has been fantastic. There are now a ton of smart devices/appliances on the market, which primarily aim to make everyday tasks at home easier and quicker. As Brits continue to better understand the products and become more comfortable using them, the adoption rate of the technology will only increase.

“This research certainly shows that Brits have a firm idea of the smart-home devices/appliances they aspire to own in five years’ time. Similarly, providing a clear indication of the suppliers they would opt to use when committing to a purchase decision”.

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