Virtual Worlds offers retailers design package for remote working

Virtual Worlds is offering its customers working from home free access to its Design Cloud until the end of April.

The company believes that right now, retailers need tools to allow them to keep business flowing and to ensure that customers can undertake projects while feeling safe at home.

The Design Cloud on Virtual Worlds Professional design package also allows consumers to interact with their designs via a connected device or web browser.

Managing director Nathan Maclean (pictured) said: “We believe that this service will give our customers the edge at a time when face-to-face contact will be difficult. With this product, retailers can progress the sale without the need for face-to-face meetings.

“More than that, though, retailers can protect their designs by choosing the length of time they can be viewed for and they will get notifications when the design is viewed, so they can make follow-up calls at exactly the right time to keep things moving.

“These are challenging times for our industry, but we do have the technology at our fingertips to keep business moving and progressing safely and businesses need to adapt and embrace ”

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