EXCLUSIVE: Lux Group buys up Christopher Peacock London

Lux Group Holdings – the owner of Smallbone of Devizes, Mark Wilkinson Furniture, McCarron and Brookmans – has acquired the assets of bespoke kitchen and furniture brand Christopher Peacock (London) Ltd following its liquidation.

The customer list, showroom displays and appliances in the Christopher Peacock Chelsea showroom were bought on April 21. The showroom itself will now close.

Christopher Peacock (London) Ltd was a wholly separate and unrelated company to Christopher Peacock in the US and simply held a deal to sell its products in the UK.

However, Lux Group has not automatically bought the right to use the brand in the UK and has confirmed that is in talks with Christopher Peacock (USA) to enable it to trade their product here under license.

The license will enable clients that have committed deposits with Christopher Peacock (London) Ltd to have their order fulfilled and for Lux Group to supply either a Christopher Peacock product or the equivalent from one of its other brands.

The company describes it as an ‘olive branch’ to Peacock’s UK clients.

Samantha Clegg, group head of marketing at Lux Group Holdings, said: “Securing a licence to trade the Christopher Peacock product in the UK can be a great addition, as the brand ethos complements our current offering of the world’s finest bespoke furniture pioneering new designs and techniques.

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“This is the perfect platform and timing for us to progress our luxury business and develop a major share in the global luxury kitchen industry’


Peacock and Smallbone

This is not the first time the Christoper Peacock brand has been associated with the Smallbone name. Christopher Peacock himself is a former Smallbone designer and, in 2008, Smallbone PLC – under the direction of founder Charlie Smallbone – bought the US company in  bid to expand operations in the US.

 However, the market collapsed a matter of months later and Smallbone PLC went into administration. Christopher Peacock managed to reacquire the assets and has owned the business ever since.

Lux Group was founded when Gary Barnett, founder and president of New York property giant Extell Development Company acquired Smallbone of Devizes and its sister brands Mark Wilkinson Furniture and Brookmans in November 2018.

It subsequently acquired McCarron & Co in July last year.

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